_ oh, how good to be alive you're my number one, you're the one i want and i've turned down every hand that has beckoned me to come. you're my number one, you're the one i want and i've turned down every hand that has beckoned me to come. 'cause you're the one i got, you're the one i got so i'll keep turning down the hands that beckon me to come - though i'm a geyser, feel it bubbling from below hear it call, hear it call, hear it call to me, constantly and hear the harmony only when it's harming me it's not real, it's not real, it's not real enough. but i will be the one you need the way i can't be without you. i will be the one you need i just can't be without you


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dio / 22 / silly :P

this website is a little place for me to do whatever i want, while teaching myself a new skill. before starting this site i knew less than nothing about coding, and i'm pretty proud of my progress so far!

likes: smoothies, tea, pad thai, reading, writing, city pop, the color teal, victoriana, eyeball motifs, nature, lesbian fiction.

dislikes: organised religion, seafood, full-size golf, the vast majority of men, insincerity.

recent updates!

16.04.24 - added cleopatra page to museum
08.04.24 - uploaded tlt shrine
01.04.24 - finally made explore page
28.3.24 - added a poll and redid about page
27.3.24 - restructured things page
20.3.24 - started making pages mobile friendly
6.3.24 - made a button
4.3.24 - added a chatbox
1.3.23 - fallen london shrine

to do:

i must have rewritten this about six times by now. as if the moment i need to describe myself i forget every though i've ever had. whatever. i literally do not exist.

this site is my digital bedroom and you are free to explore as you wish. like all personal sites, it is constantly changing as i get better at coding and more ambitious in what i want this to be. currently toying with a few ideas atm, but i work a 9-5 at the moment, so sometimes i don't want to sit at a computer even more.

because i don't link my other online presences here, the best way to get in touch with me is either via the chatbox on the 'fun' page, or leaving a message on my profile.

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guide to the site!

the museum: short pages about my favourite women from history, both as a feminist and a lesbian teehee. two pages are currently up, the third is in progress.

the diary: self-explanatory really.

reviews: where i rant and rave about books i've read, maybe the occassional album too.

fun: all sorts. links to my shrines, the chatbox, and some blinkies/gifs that i like. my gf's favourite page.

explore: links to other sites, my web neighbours, sites that helped me build this, and a couple of my favourites just for fun. work in progress.